Bible Study Archives:
Book Study: with Pastor Sarah Carlstrom: WHERE GOD MEETS MAN –
Luther’s down to Earth approach to the Gospel by Gerhard O. Forde, video links below:

February 17:    Ash Wednesday-  A Call to Return- Joel’s Prophecy

February 24:    Return to Prayer- Peter, James & John

                          in the Garden of Gethsemane

March 3:          Return from Betrayal- Judas in the Garden of Gethsemane 

March 10:        Return from False Witness- Caiaphas and the Council

March17:         Return from Denial- Peter in the Courtyard

March 24:        Return to the Kingdom of God- Pilot

April 1:             Maundy Thursday- Return to the Table 

April 2:             Good Friday-  Return to Truth 


All Things New:

January 13:    Who Changed The Price-Tags?

                       Introductions to theme

January 20:    Do You See What I See?

                       Isaiah 43:1-7, 14-21, 45:5-7

 January 27:    It Begins With You!

                       2 Corinthians 5:14-18


February 3:    When It All Ends

                       Revelation 21:1-6


Advent 2020 – Behold He comes! What gifts will He bring?

December 2:       Hope and Love – Angel Annunciation

December 9:       Tidings of Comfort and Joy – to the Weak and Weary

December 16:     The Peace that Surpasses all Understanding

2020 – a year like no other – reflections for christians:

September 2:       “Leveling the Playing Field”Fear, Love and Trust

 September 9:       “In Whose Name?”

                                -Do We Do These Things

September 16:      “Word and words”

                                 -COVID and Sundays 

September 23:     “Those in Authority”

                                  -Law and Order, Power and Chaos

September 30:      “Real Killing” 

                                  -Through Words and Through Silence

October 7:            “Another Sexual Revolution”

                                  -What is Truth and What’s a Lie?

October 14:          “It’s the Economy”

                                  -Whose Economy?

October 21:          “Lies and Gossip”

                                  -The Power of the Press and a Platform

October 28:          “If Only” -Parts 1 and 2