Sunday, November 28, 2021
God's Word in Action



February 17:    Ash Wednesday-  A Call to Return- Joel’s Prophecy

February 24:    Return to Prayer- Peter, James & John

                          in the Garden of Gethsemane

March 3:          Return from Betrayal- Judas in the Garden of Gethsemane 

March 10:        Return from False Witness- Caiaphas and the Council

March17:         Return from Denial- Peter in the Courtyard

March 24:        Return to the Kingdom of God- Pilot

April 1:             Maundy Thursday- Return to the Table 

April 2:             Good Friday-  Return to Truth 


September 2:       “Leveling the Playing Field”

                                -Fear, Love and Trust

September 9:       “In Whose Name?”

                                -Do We Do These Things

September 16:      “Word and words”

                                 -COVID and Sundays 

September 23:     “Those in Authority”

                                  -Law and Order, Power and Chaos

September 30:      “Real Killing” 

                                  -Through Words and Through Silence

October 7:            “Another Sexual Revolution”

                                  -What is Truth and What’s a Lie?

October 14:          “It’s the Economy”

                                  -Whose Economy?

October 21:          “Lies and Gossip”

                                  -The Power of the Press and a Platform

October 28:          “If Only” -Parts 1 and 2



June 3:       "Reconciled Through Christ"
                    - Heirs to the Kingdom





April 15:  The Results of CONFUSION:  Fear                      (John 20:19-23)

April 22:  The Price of SEPARATION:  Doubt         (John 20:24-31)


God's Giving and Ours

                    1/8:  When More is Better
                    1/15: When LESS is More
                    1/22: Our Giving More or Less?
May 22:  Jesus is Love, Love is Not Always Jesus




Dec. 5th  video

 Dec. 12th video


New Hope Mission Society,  Nov.  7, 2018            (video attached)

                 Sept. 19  Session Two
                 Sept. 26  Session Three
                 Oct. 3      Session Four
                        Oct. 10    Session Five

Lenten Service Videos:



video  available - select below   



Nov. 29-   The Day of the Lord:  Prophets of the Bible

Dec. 6-  Prepare the Way:  The Prophet Malachi

Dec. 13-  A Child is Born:  The Prophet Isaiah

Dec. 20-  In the City of David:  The Prophet Micah


Tough & Tender Videos

Tough & Tender:  May 3

Lenten Services videos:



Videos of Advent Services 2016:

November 30

December 7

December 14

December 21


Oct 26 Session 6 "How to Live in a PC World"

Oct 19 Session 5 "How to Live in a PC World"

Oct 12 Session 4 "How to Live in a PC World"

Sept. 28 Session 3 "How to Live in a PC World"

Sept. 21 Session 2 "How to Live in a PC World"

Sept. 14 Session 1 "How to Live In a PC World"


Lenten Service Videos:

February 10: Your God is too Small



                                        April 22/23, 2015:   "Created for Discipleship"

                                        April 29/30:             "The Forgotten Gift"

                                        May 7:                     "Discipleship Proposal"

                                        May 13/14:              "Discipleship-Receiving & Giving"

                                        May 20/21:              "Discipleship-What's Next?"



                                                  2/18 2015:  Ash Wednesday

                                                  "Encountering Christ"  -Pastor Randy Freund

                                                  2/25:  Faces of Lent- Bartimaeus

                                                  3/4:    Faces of Lent- Caiaphas

                                                  3/11:  Faces of Lent- Judas

                                                  3/18:  Faces of Lent- Pilate

                                                  3/25:  Faces of Lent- Cleopas



                                        It's all up to God Now

                                        What Comes Next, God?

                                        Can it be True?



                                        September 10, 2014

                                        September 17, 2014

                                        September 24, 2014

                                        October 1, 2014

                                        October 8, 2014

                                        October 15, 2014

                                        October 22, 2014

                                        October 29, 2014


                             Serving J.O.E.:  Jesus...Others...Earth


                                        August 6, 2014:  Pastor Randy Freund, Jennifer & David Howey

                                        August 7, 2014:  Pastor Randy Freund, Janene & Denny Lang

                                        August 8, 2014:  Pastor Randy Freund & Stephanie Freund



                                        April, 30 2014

                                        May 7, 2014

                                        May 14, 2014

                                        May 21, 2014


                        Lenten Study 2014


                                        April 16, 2014-       It's All About Forgiveness

                                                                        You Are the Light of the World

                                                                        Arise, Shine, Your Light Has Come